About me

Hi, my name is Junior (Jr in DX), currently I live in Jacareí – SP (GG76aq).

Jacarei is a municipality in the State of São Paulo, founded on April 3th 1653. Located east of the State capital (Sao Paulo city), about 86 km from my QTH. Its geographical coordinates are 23º18’10″S and 45º17’31″W. It is located between 567 to 730m above sea level. Possessing subtropical climate. Has a population about 224,826 inhabitants.

I’m a technical degree in electronics, data processing, graduated in Law and post-graduate in digital and telecom Law. I work in the Purchasing Department of technology, specializing in IT and Telecom contracts.

Amateur Radio since early 90’s, my previous callsigns were PU2WVT (C class) and PY2WVT (B and A class). Before that, I was always fascinated by Short Waves (SWL), since childhood. I remember my first listening (RAE) when was about 8 or 9 years in the house of my uncles. After that were short way to discover the Amateur Radio .

My interest on radio are field operations, digital modes, swl and dx (in various modalities). My other hobbies is history (especially on the history and traditions of the State of São Paulo), photography, off road (with my classic soviet car), trips, archery and sea kayak. Currently I’m customizing my station to work fully with Linux. My main log is CQRLOG, automatically updated to the HRDLOG and can also be found on my website, with other logs operations that participated.